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Magical Herbs That Repel And Protect Against Supernatural Beings

Garlic is the most all purpose herb when it comes to repelling the forces of supernatural, and even human evil.  Having a diet high in garlic is an excellent all purpose protectant, and elixir for general health.  Garlic's repellant effects are most powerful against vampires.  Many of the herbs below are poisonous to humans when ingested except for garlic.  Most of these herbs are best used by wearing them in a small satchel you carry with you or hang in doorways & windows.

When multiple herbs are listed below the first herb is the most powerful.  However like humans supernatural beings can have unique body chemistries, and the various herbs might have varying effects.  Due to the unpredictability of the world of the supernatural, and the interference of dark magic's we can't guarantee the herbs will always work to their fullest.

  • Vampires: Vervain, aka Verbana (Verbena Officinalis) | Garlic

  • Werewolves: Wolfsbane, aka  Aconitum monkshood (Aconitum Variegatum)

  • Zombies: Stinking Nightshade, aka Henbane (Hyoscyamus Niger) | Purple Passion, aka Velvet Plant (Gynura Aurantiaca)

  • Witches: Witch Hazel | Witch Grass (Panicum Capillare)

  • Warlocks: Warlock's Weed, aka Hemlock

  • Anti-Claus: Holly | Poinsettia | Mistletoe

More To Come.  If you're looking for a herbal repellant for a paranormal beings not listed then ask us a question at: 



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