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ObamaCare For Dummies:  The Obamacare Survival Guide

The Obamacare Survival Guide For Dummies Learn what you need to know for the impending enactment of provisions under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, in the highly informative, and essential ObamaCare Survival Guide.  A book that some readers call Obamacare For Dummies.  Get an easy to understand summary of what's inside the 2700 pages of the law that most of Congress apparently never bothered reading yet passed.  See how this law will require you, and every American to buy health insurance.  Thank the Supreme Court for declaring it Constitutional as a tax hike.  Thank the lobbyists for crafting the Obamacare bill as another way to profit off the American taxpayer. Find Other Obamacare Guides Here

Months after publishing this page we now see that Obamacare is even more messed up than anyone could have imagined!  People being dropped from their insurance even when they're beyond sick, health care costs rising, doctors quitting, and personal information being stolen.  Why do other nations get free Universal Health Care while we're forced to buy insurance under penalty of fines?




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