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Beware Of Puritans Pride!

Also Known As &

Puritans Pride, aka &, used to be the best place to order vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements online. Especially with there buy one get one free deal, and their low prices which barely exist anymore. has steadily gone down the toilet in the last few years which has included price increases.  However you can still catch a break when they have sales, or by purchasing their trial sizes.  That is if they actually ship them to you.  For years they were incapable of sending out order confirmation, and shipping confirmation emails along with providing tracking numbers for shipping like every other website on the internet.  They seemed to get their act together on that count in 2012.  Although they love sitting on orders for days before finally shipping them out. will also not list something as out of stock so you order, and find out you won't be getting the item for weeks along with it holding up the other items in said order.  Good luck on speaking to a customer service rep because all you get is elevator music, and emailing them takes some time to get a reply.  They also have issues with deleting your favorite vitamins stored in your online account, and restoring old addresses from almost a decade earlier thereby deleting your current billing, and shipping addresses so you have to re-enter them once again.  The incompetence of these people, and their website are now legends beyond anything in the world of the supernatural.  Our most recent order had half the items missing from it.  No word yet from customer service.  No matter what happens we are simply done with Puritans Pride, and their absolute BS!  We now recommend which has low prices, fast shipping, quality products, excellent customers service, and supplements that Puritan's Pride doesn't even sell.  Let's hope they don't follow the path of the once wonderful




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