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Mystic Investigations Twitter Unfollower Hall Of Shame

A Tribute To Fake Twitter Followers Only Looking For Numbers

To be included in our Twitter Unfollower Hall Of Shame you must have a short span between following, and unfollowing us.  We assume you read our tweets, and decided you liked us.  Therefore it makes no sense if you unfollowed within days, or even a week.   Sure there's a chance you suddenly think we blow big time but when we see that your Follower to Unfollower ratio is nearly equal then we know it's a weasel thing.  You mindlessly followed us hoping for a mindless follow.  Then when it doesn't happen you take a deep personal offense even though your Following of us was fake to begin with! This also means most of your Followers probably aren't even reading your tweets because they're in to the mindless Follow as well. Merely boasting a huge Twitter following doesn't do anything for you.  I suppose you can go around bragging about the number but that isn't going to increase your success, or income in any way, shape, or form.  I compare these type of people to the web publishers in the early days of the internet who would just set up a webpage with a huge column of ad banners for affiliate commission earning programs.  Then expect people to not only stay on their page but click on the ads.  Sorry but everyone was leaving your page the minute they saw that which is why you never earned a penny!  

People also still try to collect mass mindless unrelated backlinks to their website from other websites.  Thankfully now that is penalized by search engines as it isn't an indicator of anything.  If someone considered your site useful to their own content subject then they will link to it without your encouragement.  If they are interested in what you have to Tweet then they will follow you on their own.  Wasting your time following, and then unfollowing when you don't get reciprocation is just pure idiocy.  What do you expect especially if your subject matter is of no relation to the Twitter account in question? 

On a final note maybe we would have Followed you but you left so damn quick we didn't get a chance! If you left after a good period of time then we'll assume you had enough of us.  We have no issue with that, and would not bother listing you here.  Unless of course they actually admit they only Follow to get Zombie Followers back!  May the world of the supernatural have mercy on your eternal soul.  LOL!

Here are the culprits in question whose marketing methods are quite questionable. Since they clearly weren't even reading our tweets we say good riddance to them!  Enough with the fake following already!

  • @gossip90854
    Top Gossip

  • @CelebMoreMore
    Celebrity More More

  • @kimkiona
    machit kiona 

  • @JaminBenB
    Ben Blanchard

  • @TheManicMedium
    Kent Moran (Admits To Unfollowing Those Who Don't Follow Him)

  • @DigitalWritings
    Digital Writers

  • @DrunkPoemExpmnt
    Drunk Poetry

  • @SkyBlueTheatre
    Sky Blue Theatre Co

  • @Hammapreneur
    Alex Hamm

If you want to see whose Following, and Unfollowing you at light speed then go to:




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