Shaytards Season Finale Episode Highlights From September 2011:

  • Casey’s Idaho hunting trip get him more than he bargained for when he goes to the aid of a small town being terrorized by a millionaire and his thugs.  Near the end of the episode we see him engaged in violent battle with multiple adversaries.  Ultimately he is knocked out and captured.

  • Casey calls Shay for help moments before the final battle and Shay hops on a plane headed for Idaho.

  • Sontards finds love with an older girl named Sophia.  Her ex-boyfriend and member of rival karate dojo takes issue with him.

  • Princesstard sets out to discover why Kassem G has disappeared.  She suspect Sam Macaroni has a nefarious hand in Kassem’s absence.  Sam plots to get rid of Brett as well and contemplates how to deal with Princesstards increasing hostility toward him.

  • Babytard discovers a porthole to another dimension in her Barbie house but will she have the courage to walk through it?

  • Rocktard saddles up Malachi and rides around the yard like a pony.  How much patience can one dog have?

  • Bronx falls into a gang of rogue puppies.

  • Logan thwarts a robbery in progress at a 7-Eleven after the home coming dance.

  • Katilette, Carlie, and Kayli have a girls night out in LA after Shay flies to Idaho to save Casey.  Their fun is short lived when they accidentally stumble across a human slavery ring full of captive women ready to be sold on the black market.  The women end up engaging in battle with the ring leaders.  Will they be victorious and free the captive women?

Shaytards: Malachi Saves The Kidnapped Puppy Bronx:

It was another beautiful sunny California day when Casey’s faithful puppy Bronx was in the front yard taking care of his business. All the sudden a sinister looking black van pulled up and a man wearing black held out a doggy treat while calling to Bronx, “Here little fella! Have a treat pal!” The naive puppy ran to the man and was snatched up before he could even devour the delicious treat. He was immediately placed in a cage as the van sped away to an illegal dog meat factory on the seedy side of town.

Hours later Malachi the wonder dog heard about Bronx’s disappearance and he sprung into action. The aged yet agile dog set out to search the streets of LA for the young pup. After having many adventures and risking life and limb he finally tracked down Bronx the puppy in an abandoned warehouse district. Malachi could smell the puppy and many other for that matter but the windows were painted over so he couldn’t see inside. The door were locked as well so Malachi took out his lock pick set and opened the door. Once inside he lurked in the shadows and witnessed the horror of the dog meat operation as the evil men who ran it stood around joking with each other. Malachi breathed a sigh of relief when he found Bronx caged in a large room nearby along with many other scared dogs. Bronx was full of glee when he saw Malachi but he signaled Bronx to remain silent as he picked the lock on the cage to release the puppy. Malachi then instructed Bronx to release the other dogs while he dealt with the ring leaders of this nefarious operation. Malachi growled with anger and lunged at the one of the men who happened to be the boss. He ripped his throat clean out as the other men pulled out guns. Just then the dogs Bronx released violently attacked the men responsible for the tragic dog holocaust that took place in the horrific warehouse. In the end it was a blood bath but canine justice had been served. Malachi made sure the factory was clear before he dumped gasoline everywhere and lit a match sending the dog meat factory straight to hell where it belonged. Malachi and Bronx returned home to tell their tales to the Shaytards and they were branded hero’s.  Malachi then took a nap and Bronx ran to a car driving past that smelled of puppy treats.