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The Purpose Of Higher Dimensions & Structure Of The Universe

The Literal Body, Mind & Soul Of The Omniverse God

An explanation of the structure of reality, higher beings, and the dimensions that make up the Universe.  In reality it should be called the Macroverse or Omniverse chart.  This is the melding of science and spirituality into one unified Universe.

The Macroverse is the one original eternal God and everything that exists within his infinite mind.  It is not only the 12 dimensional Omniverse below but everything beyond it as well.  Within the Macroverse could lie other Omniverses created by sub-God aka physical beings or Angels that ascended to Godhood.  Perhaps even Gods the original eternal God created.

  • 12th Dimension - True 100% Metaphysical Energy body of the Omniverse God.  The communications conduit to other Omniverse Gods, aka parallel Omniverses, and to higher dimensional Gods including the Macroverse Lord.
  • 11th Dimension - The sub-conscious construct of the Omniverse God spontaneously manifested from the complex collective of conscious life forces in the vast Omniverse.  God chose to fold this new entity into the 11th dimension, and have it act as his sub-consciousness. 
  • 10th Dimension - The Omniverse &The Omega Point where either the original eternal Gods 0-D pure thought points enter the Omniverse or where our sub-God resides if this isn't the ground level Universe under the direct domain of the original eternal God.  The entire 10th dimension or Omniverse is actually just a point itself and would be God itself if it's a sub-God.  This is the exit point into the Macroverse for Gods and even high level Travelers as well.
  • 9th Dimension - Information Space where the energy super string fabric of our reality vibrates.  All probability patterns of information are organized here.  Not all of the information ends up being implemented into reality in the 8th dimension and below.  The will of God exists here.  Some might call it the Holy Spirit or force.  This is where Archangels ascend to communicate with God directly and may prepare to leave the Omniverse in order to be released into the Macroverse to form their own Omniverses within their infinite consciousness.  All souls are conceived in a random mathematical manner, and sent out into reality from here.  Most are good but some are evil.  A rare few evil enough to be born as demonic souls in the hell dimension.
  • 8th Dimension - Multiverse Landscape or Probability Initiation Space - all probability patterns realized come from the 8th dimension.  The dimension of probability initiation and implementation.  7-D Archangels exist here so this might be considered the highest level of Heaven.  These can be Angels directly created by God who always existed here or those ascending to Angelhood from a human state. Archangels rule over Multiverses and also may become sub-Gods and create their own Universes in the 7th dimension to rule over.
  • 7th Dimension - Multiverse Space.  All 6-D Multiverses exist here.  Multiverses separate from our own that might have different laws of physics and started by other conditions not related to our Big Bang.  The mid level of heaven where Angels ascend to Pre-Godhood or Archangel status and unify with all their multiverse Angel selves to finally be one whole being with near infinite knowledge.  This is called the great gathering where everyone who ever died and all the beings in the dimensions above meet.  It is the ultimate collective consciousness within the physical Universe second only to God himself.  Those who are damned in one Multiverse are almost always damned to non-existence in the rest.  It's unknown what happens if someone is judged as good in one or more Multiverses.  Some suggest that the soul splits into two so one can go on to Angelhood, and eventually Godhood.
  • 6th Dimension - The Multiverse where all probabilities are played out. Our souls or spirits exist here with all the memories from all our parallel lives in the Multiverse so it might be considered the first level of Heaven.  The majority of us ascend to Angelhood after death and end up in the 6th dimension.  In each Multiverse we ascend to Angel status so therefore we exist as Angels in parallel Multiverses just as we had near infinite parallel lives when we were alive.  Also there is an isolated area in the 6th dimension where the souls of the damned are born.  Upon awakening an Angel informs them of the situation, and they themselves know from their memories of near infinite lifetimes, that they have been judged evil.  At that point they can choose to be blinked out of existence, or go to live with Demons if accepted.  Some are so evil that their soul was already born as demonic into 5-D hell.
  • 5th Dimension - Hyperspace or Probability space.  Where all the near infinite 4-D Universes exist playing out all possible probabilities branching off through hyperspace. Just as we move through the 4th dimension (forward in time) we also constantly move through the 5th dimension (parallel through probability space) every plank length with every thought and decision we make.  The Astral Plane also called the Dream Plane exists here as well.  It's the first level of the Universal collective consciousness of sorts we access through dream, and where our consciousness collects the memories of our parallel lives and transmits them to our souls in the dimension above,  We cross here on the way to birth and after death.  Ghosts, Poltergeists, Demons, Fallen Angels, etc exist in the 5th dimension as 4-D beings just as we are 3-D beings existing in the 4-D Universe.  Angels are 5-D beings that exist in the dimension above.
  • 4th Dimension - Temporal space interwoven within 3-D space to give us time.  Our Universe is a 4-D shape although as 3-D beings we only experience going forward in time at a set rate of one plank length for every moment we experience.  Ghosts, Poltergeists, Demons, Fallen Angels, etc. are 4-D and reside in the dimension above.  The 4th dimension is intertwined with our 3rd dimension and is seen in those beings who exist in the 5th dimension.
  • 3rd Dimension - The Universe we live in as 3-D beings sewn on to the 4-D space time fabric.
  • 2nd Dimension - Doesn't actually exist as a dimension although sub-atomic particles which make up all matter in our 3-D physical reality are 2-D in nature.
  • 1st Dimension - Doesn't actually exist as a dimension although the energy super strings that make up sub-atomic particles are 1-D and originate in the 9th dimension.
  • 0 Dimension - Doesn't actually exist as a dimension although pure thought is 0-D and it originates from the 10th dimension. Registered & Protected

A Video Describing The Higher Dimensions

This video goes over the basic framework of our reality but obviously doesn't delve into the detail we do




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